Brand Strategy
Brand Identity


Originally known as Tristan CPA, Moso, an accounting and bookkeeping services firm, first approached us in the hopes of rebranding the company and recalibrating its messaging focus. The move was part of the firm’s strategic effort to highlight the excellent benefits of its CFO services, which had grown out of Moso’s original bookkeeping business.


The highly saturated accounting market is cluttered with CPA firms of all sizes. And on the surface, all of them seem to offer the same thing in (what looks like) a similar price range. This environment doesn’t favor customers at all, and it definitely doesn’t serve entrepreneurs in the process of “bootstrapping” their business, who frequently need to keep operations lean.

For Moso’s targeted market, the chief problem was decision-making: Potential clients were usually faced with a choice between managing their finances on their own or hiring a firm they could trust to help them grow their business. Still, the cost of migrating to a new CPA firm is high, so these prospects were likely to delay their final decision for as long as possible.

Realizing Moso’s prospective client pool was at a crossroads, the Joieful team set out on a mission to rethink Moso’s overall branding strategy for its professional CPA services. To compete in a world of “sameness,” Moso would have to create deeper connections with its prospects.

Joieful helped Moso generate trust by looking at the industry through the customer’s point of view. So, while other accounting firms were “tooting their own horns”––pushing a strong yet generic look that says, “we run the finance world,”––Moso’s brand was redesigned to give a sage-like impression, presenting the company as a trustworthy guide for business owners who’d hit a fork in the road on their journey to achieving the unachievable.