Glimpse Eye Care

Brand Strategy
Consumer Lead Generation


Dr. Khanh Pham and Dr. Warren Chen are two young, passionately committed optometrists, each with an exceptional talent for spotting the very latest in eyecare trends. After working with other eye-care brands for a few years, both doctors felt the need to open their very own practice––particularly as they believed this move would allow them to spend more quality time with their customers.



Launching a new brick-and-mortar office during the COVID-19 pandemic was a daunting process. Knowing they had little margin for error, Drs. Pham and Chen didn’t want to “half-ass” their go-to-market strategy. Despite the saturation of the eye care market, the doctors knew their unique perspective––as well as their combined interest in supporting younger families throughout their local community––could offer consumers something truly special.

But the doctors needed a strategic partner to help ensure prospective patients could recognize the new clinic’s singular appeal.

Joieful’s main accomplishment for Glimpse Eye Care was to distinguish the clinic from its chain competitors using distinctive value propositions, resulting in break-even revenue starting the month of opening

Our resulting brand strategy document clearly laid out Glimpse Eye Care’s most desirable prospect personas, offering a comprehensive blueprint for how to attract these potential clients. We also provided a detailed vision for next steps that would help Glimpse to better infiltrate its target market.

Joieful also presented Glimpse with a beautiful and dynamic website highlighting the more stylish elements of the practice, designed to appeal to the clinic’s coveted demographic of young women and their families. In keeping with this youthful aesthetic, we made sure Glimpse Eye Care’s featured eyeglass frames were consistently placed at the forefront of the site to emphasize the company’s carefully curated selection of eyewear.