Craft Pita

Brand Strategy
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Founder Rafael Nasr started Craft Pita because he believes in sharing culture through cuisine. Born and raised in Houston, Rafael is a first-generation Lebanese American, but his childhood summers were spent visiting his grandmother’s olive oil grove in the mountains of Lebanon. There, he discovered the key components of Mediterranean food: freshly pressed olive oil, fruits and vegetables from the garden, home-baked bread from the local baker, and humanely raised meats from nearby farms.

With these ingredients in mind, Rafael developed Craft Pita: a place where everyone can experience what true Mediterranean cuisine is really about.


  • Position Craft Pita as the only Mediterranean restaurant in Houston that focuses on using local ingredients as well as using select quality ingredients from around the world.
  • Create a fresh brand look and feel from the scratch that align/coordinate with the bright and more inviting atmosphere and the A+ guest-oriented service than most Mediterranean restaurants.

Craft Pita was able to make its mark on the food and beverage industry much faster than most brands.

The restaurant made Yelp’s list of America’s Top 100 Places to Eat in 2020, and the company has enjoyed a wide variety of press coverage on both the local and regional levels.

As of today, the Craft Pita website consistently receives 5,000+ visitors per month, and many delighted customers continue to savor the restaurant’s cuisine. Currently branching out into their own product line, the brand is looking toward further expansion in the very near future.