Boost Bowls

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Val and Tatiana were in their late 20s/early 30s and living in Connecticut when they noticed a curious gap in their neighborhood market: There was no real place for people to meet with friends and enjoy fresh, lighter fare. (And this was especially true when it came to kids and younger diners looking for a local hangout.) Keeping this in mind, Val and Tatiana set out to build a destination where anyone and everyone could feel welcome to sit, eat, have fun, and be creative.


Boost Bowls offers a different kind of experience than any other multi-unit franchise brand selling acai and healthful savories. From the ice-cream-like texture of the acai and pitaya bowls to the youthful in-store vibe and friendly customer service, Tatiana and Val’s Boost Bowls sets the record straight on wholesome foods, proving the acai category doesn’t have to rely on a “surf culture” stereotype to be cool.

Through a combination of brand discovery and market research, our Joieful team found the acai and smoothie market was flooded with brands promoting “health and wellness” while simultaneously spotlighting an “outdoorsy” lifestyle designed to appeal to young adults. And, though Joieful recognized Boost Bowls would be serving a similar niche market, our experts also realized Boost Bowls could use its location to position the company against its competitors in a strategic way.


Joieful also understood that Boost Bowls’ youthful, more “urban” vibe could satisfy the needs of both the young and the young at heart in smaller towns like Bethel or Newtown, CT – meaning the company had room to expand its reach even further. And, while other brands in the same category usually catered to “grab-n-go” audiences, Boost Bowls could stand out by establishing itself as a local gem with an inviting atmosphere, encouraging people of all ages to “stick around” and make lasting memories over tasty treats crafted with honest eats.