Ace NextGen

Brand Strategy
Logo & Brand Book


ACE NextGen empowers AAPI entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through a variety of programs, ranging from the purely educational to the more openly proactive. To date, ACE NextGen members have successfully developed lifelong friendships within the company’s extensive network of professionals, forming a broader community of AAPI businessowners devoted to elevating and emboldening other like-minded entrepreneurs.



ACE NextGen’s unwavering mission is to forge powerful paths along the road to continued success while simultaneously bringing joy and fulfillment to everyone in their company orbit.

As ACE NextGen’s impact began to expand and the organization’s name became even more reputable, the team wanted the ACE NextGen brand identity to better reflect who they are, what they do, and how they care for their members, non-members, donors, and allies.

Joieful encouraged ACE NextGen to capture the brand’s full forthright-but-approachable personality inside of one primary logotype. This single logotype would help convey all of ACE’s values and beliefs while also hinting at the company’s aspirations for the future.

With Joieful’s help, ACE NextGen was able to finalize a compelling logo for the organization featuring an arrow wrapped in a circle.

The arrow was used to help symbolize growth and to evoke a feeling of home by suggesting a pointed roof – a reminder of the friendly, familiar spaces ACE provides for its community.

This idea was then extended through the graphic of the open circle: a nod to ACE NextGen’s close-knit network, which, though fiercely loyal, is always welcoming. (As in: Their doors are always open!)

This new brand look and feel helped reinforce ACE’s overarching sense of purpose, highlighting the company’s focus on interpersonal relationships as well as its collective vision to uplift AAPI entrepreneurs both near and far.