375 Chicken and Fries

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If you’re on TikTok and/or always on the lookout for the latest hotspot in NYC, chances are you’ve already come across a few 375° Chicken ‘n Fries viral videos. And if you haven’t (where have you BEEN?), you might want to check out 375°’s phenomenal food, proudly made by a Michelin star chef and crafted in a subculture environment that’s inspired by streetwear, underground art, and other cutting-edge trends.

Everything about 375° Chicken ‘n Fries triggers curiosity and excitement, leaving customers wanting more…and coming back again and again.


Chefpreneur Stephane Lemagnen gave Joieful a mission: Find a voice for 375° Chicken ‘n Fries that would allow him to tell the brand’s story and attract everyday customers as well as savvy franchisees.